Covered Dish Suppers

potluckAfter a rousing sermon on the evils of drunkenness and vice, nothing is more satisfying than gorging at an old-fashioned fundamentalist covered dish supper. (Covered dish suppers are not to be confused with the liberal “pot luck dinner” since luck has no place the fundamentalist vocabulary.)

A drop of alcohol that sneaks across ones lips (unless concealed in mouthwash and immediately spewed back out) may cause irreparable damage to one’s testimony and spiritual life but thank goodness there’s no rule against devouring four pieces of fried chicken, two helpings of mashed potatoes, three spoonfuls of that green marshmallow stuff, half a tray of deviled eggs, and a piece of pecan pie.

The fundy soul shall be made fat.


4 Responses to Covered Dish Suppers

  1. JTR says:

    What is up with you, fundy hater? Isn’t life short enough not to waste it on spewing your hatred and GOD BLESS THE FUNDIES!!! BOOYAH!

    Really. This blog is so immature. Put down your beer and get out your Bible and stop trying to spend all your time justifying your drinking.

  2. monge says:

    …says the guy (or girl) who’s spending his time responding to every single blog post on here…

  3. Beenthere2 says:

    More fun than a barrel of fundies.

  4. Jen says:

    You forgot the scalloped potatoes with ham.

    I used to travel with a singing group in college (not a fundy Christian college BTW) and we used to bet on how many dishes of scalloped potatoes would be at the dinner after church. One time, that’s ALL there was. About 8 dishes of SPwH.

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