Visitor Cards


You step into a fundamentalist church and are immediately accosted by a greeter with a visitor’s card. Nothing says “Welcome!” to a visitor like a card asking your for Name, birth date, address, phone number, e-mail address, children’s names, and blood type. Ok, that’s stretching it a bit. Since when do fundies contact people by e-mail?

“Just drop this in the offering plate!” says the usher happily, leaving you to forage around for one of those little pencils that are stuck in the back of the pew. For a moment you consider leaving a fake address and phone number but isn’t it extra wrong to lie on a church questionnaire? With a sigh, you scratch the answer in.

And what’s this? At the top is a large garish sticker that reads “GUEST” in orange letters. The small print helpfully instructs “peel and affix to clothing.” Excellent! As if you didn’t already stand out like a sore thumb.

After the third hymn the same usher trips down the aisle with the offering plate. He knows you’ve got a visitors card and his lifted eyebrows tell you that burying it in your hymnbook is not an option. So into the offering plate the card goes. You idly wonder how much trouble it would be to sell your house and move three counties away…


4 Responses to Visitor Cards

  1. Ron Bean says:

    And fundies understand the connection between this post and the previous one.

  2. Stephen says:

    Good catch, Ron.

    My conundrum was always wondering whether or not, as a missionary, we should fill out the visitor’s card since, technically this wasn’t our first time. Sure, it had been at least 4 years since our last visit, but still…

  3. stufffundieslike says:

    Been there, Stephen. đŸ™‚

  4. Ron Bean says:

    I remember my first exposure to “the connection”. When I was a student, I visited a large fundie church, filled out the visitor card and was visited the following Tuesday by SIX people. In our conversation, we discovered that 3 of them didn’t know that they had grown up on the mission field together!

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