Whatever this is…

I’m sure there are fundies out there who will pay money for this:


You could change someone’s life… at a traffic light!”


3 Responses to Whatever this is…

  1. Jim Barrett says:

    KJV2GO has been changed to EmmanuelsARMY.net, I cut out of 6 year vinyl sticker material… any scripture verse, in the Bible. And I will install it on your vehicle for FREE! Also, at no charge to you, I will ship it anywhere in the world with instructions for applying it, yourself. So tell me your favorite verse… you can call me 865-607-8848. Remember God’s Word won’t return void! If you love the LORD, you must get a passion for soul saving… can’t you see them, going down to hell, by the thousands!

  2. Joshua Heyza says:

    This is so comical to me. It reminds me of the one semester I went to West Coast Baptist College in Southern California. It was a lot like Hyles-Anderson (which I did not know when I went), but anyway…there was a kid who went there that had a van that looked exactly like this one. Things like “For all have sinned,” and “KJV only!” and things of the like. It brings back some interesting memories, Thanks for the post!

  3. juliefturpin says:

    I saw a car like this one time. It made me get into an accident because of the massive eye roll I gave it.

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