Slippery Slope Arguments

cliff-edgeThe Slippery Slope argument is a popular one among fundamentalists. It goes something like this…

If a woman wears culottes that are only to the knee instead of to the ankle then she will inevitably begin wearing pants. This will in turn lead to wearing shorts which will lead to mixed bathing which will lead to dancing in night clubs and then on to drug addiction. This will drive her straight into prostitution which will lead to to armed robbery, prison time, terrorism, mass suicide, and and finally becoming a Southern Baptist.

So keep those culottes to your ankles, or else!!


8 Responses to Slippery Slope Arguments

  1. Stephen says:

    “and finally becoming a Southern Baptist.”

    Oh man, I haven’t laughed so hard for a long time. Thanks – I needed that.

  2. Hmmm. Maybe I’m naive, but I thought that culottes that come to the knees were called walking shorts. Help me! I must be sliding down the slippery slope!

  3. stufffundieslike says:

    I thought that culottes that come to the knees were called walking shorts.

    A certain fundamentalist college in Florida is the only place I’ve ever seen them called that. Most other fundamentalists would never wear anything called ‘shorts’ — walking or otherwise.

  4. Gordy says:

    LOL! That’s funny – and oh so familiar.

  5. KC says:

    oh wow
    this is so ridiculously funny
    even though I’m a Presbyterian
    can I still go to heaven?

  6. BeckyJoie says:

    That is too funny and too familiar.

  7. BeckyJoie says:

    Never heard this “slippery slope” argument applied to cuolottes. LOL. I’ve only heard it applied to dating. Cuolottes were considered holy clothes where I went to school. It was guachos that were unholy because they didn’t have the flap in front to look like a skirt. LOL. I guess the slippery slope was true since I almost never wear dressses anymore. LOL. I’m rofl.

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