greekHave you ever heard a sermon based on the differences between eros, phileo, and agape? Can you never remember not knowing what Koine Greek was? I’d dare to bet that at some point you have been a fundamentalist.

Fundamentalists believe that the King James Version of the Bible is the only accurate translation that has been preserved for English speakers. They believe this so firmly that they are willing to separate from other churches and groups who don’t use the King James. Then through some strange cognitive dissonance, they also spend years in church basements learning the original languages to enable them to explain what the Greek really means in English.

“In the original languages,” the pastor will intone “This verb “to sit” is really a pluperfect subjunctive. This means that the original author really meant “he will have sat at some point in the future perhaps but has not actually sat yet nor will he sit until the present time is over.” One is left to wonder how those incredibly bright King James translators missed out on all of this detailed material that is so vital to the second point of the pastor’s sermon.

Ask any fundamentalist and they’ll tell you that the King James is as absolutely perfect as gold purified seven times — as long as you’ve got a fundamentalist pastor there to tell you what the original Greek says, that is.


10 Responses to Greek

  1. But what if you consider yourself a Fundamentalist and don’t hold to a KJBO stance? Where does that leave you?

  2. The truth is, they know Greek as well as they know Swahili…most of their Greek explanations is whatever the first definition on a Strongs concordance says.

  3. Lisa says:

    I was on a message board with a high-school educated woman IFBx’er and she said “I know a little Greek”. The first thing that popped into my mind was a short waiter in a Greek restaurant!

  4. Andy says:

    I usually never read blogs let alone comment on them, but the funny thing is that your manuscript picture above is Syriac, not Greek.

  5. Lynne says:

    How proud you must be that you are the authority or what “fundamentalists” believe. Because you are bitter about your past associations, you believe all people who hold to the fundamental truths of the Bible agree with those of your acquaintance. How narrow minded and short sighted of you! There is a whole world out there of people who hold to the “Fundamentals”, that is the doctrines of salvation, trinity, eternity, etc. who differ widely in the aspects of how to apply them. As “gracedependent” tried to say, certainly not every fundamentalist is a KJV-only. That is only one group. You are a self-proclaimed expert but you don’t have all the facts.

    • rojavon says:

      Lynne you and several others are missing the point of this blog. I understand why though and I used to be in error in the same way. You see, fundamentalist as a term has been hijacked and really taken over by groups who are so outward appearance based and leagalistic that it really can’t be used to simply identify a biblical orthodox Christian anymore.

      “Fundamentalist” as used here and by the people that this (and the new Stuff Fundies Like) site is talking about is a much bigger package with much more baggage than you apparently carry. This site really doesn’t attack true doctrine. It’s the traditions, preferences and legalism that come along with most of the churches that would identify themselves as Independant Fundamental Baptists and other Fundies.

  6. Bill says:

    I’m a fundamentalist and I use the ESV, NASB, & NKJV; my favorite is the ESV. You have got to be the most bitter and misguided person I have ever beheld, sir.

  7. Jochebed says:

    Not all KJB fundies claim to only believe the King James Bible, yet still refer to the Greek and Hebrew. There’s a few of us absolute crazies out there that believe in ONLY the King James Bible and hold that there is no use or need for Greek or Hebrew whatsoever.

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