Gospel Gimmicks: The Gospel Hankie Card

pw0103What do you get for the sinner in your office that has everything?? A Gospel Hankie Card may be just the thing. Or buy one for yourself to proudly proclaim “Hey, I’m not just a guy in a suit! I’m a colorblind guy in a suit!”

According to their website:

When you find it difficult to find that right gift for that special someone, give the Gospel Hankie Card, you will not only be giving a gift; you will be giving a witness at the same time.

That is why we here at Pocket Witness say… “Don’t just give a gift, give a witness”

And while you’re shopping for these be sure to also check out the the Wordless Book suspenders, the Jack Chick Belt Buckles, and the +4 Boots of Altar Calls.

(Ok, I made those last ones up. I blame it on the disorienting effect of staring at the gospel tie for too long.)

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